Business Benefits of Structured Cabling

You depend on structured cabling daily. Be it a multi-use building, a large office, a data center, an apartment complex, or any modern facility, a network of wiring and cables work hard behind the scenes to keep communications up and running.

Structured cabling systems offer tremendous support to a building’s telecommunications and phone lines. Some of its functions include:

  • Transferring data across computer systems
  • Connecting individual offices and rooms to fiber optic networks
  • Enhanced audiovisual communication

What’s more exciting is that they do all of this with less downtime and fewer interruptions than an ad hoc network. Structured cabling is key to seamless communication and networking. But, why is that? Let’s find out the business benefits of structured cabling systems:

Reduced Downtime

Your staff is perhaps utilizing a broad array of equipment and devices simultaneously. If they are using a non-consolidated wiring infrastructure, a lot of time will go into identifying and addressing issues. This is when you get to know how much downtime can cost. As troubleshooting continues, productivity takes a nosedive, inflicting damage on your organization’s revenue. According to this study, one hour of downtime could cost as high as $400,000. Apart from the money you could lose, there are other consequences too, such as productivity loss and a damaged reputation.

A single structured cabling system will minimize the complexity of these concurrent activities. If a connectivity issue arises, it becomes more convenient to identify and address the issue when everything is connected through structured cabling, which in turn reduces downtime considerably.

Supports Multiple Applications and Systems

Fiber structured cabling systems coordinate with other applications to form a stable business environment. Many organizations have set up their operations in various locations and holding meetings in these settings is challenging. Setting up a structured cabling system can simplify the variations caused by this complexity. This system supports VoIP software, which is frequently used to arrange meetings.

Moreover, structured cabling complements security camera systems. By configuring surveillance, you can monitor different activities of your company from any place.

Easy to Manage

Since structured cabling systems are user-friendly and organize, they make it easy to make the required changes in the network architecture easily and quickly. Such an easy-to-manage system is a one-time investment that pays dividends in the long run.

Contemporary cabling systems support different applications and multiple hardware types from most vendors. In addition, a properly installed and engineered structured cabling system will need minimal maintenance, freeing up staff to work on applications and projects.

Americom offers high-quality structured cabling systems that support your data and voice needs effectively and efficiently for a long period. We have been doing this for 40 plus years and know the structured cabling industry inside and out.

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