Access control system using a card reader.

Why More Businesses are Turning to Access Control Systems over Lock and Key

The lock and key are an invention that quite literally shaped the world into what it is today, one where privacy and security are at the center of almost everything we do. Over time, security services have become even more important. And during this period, the concept of lock and key has evolved to a point where now it is getting replaced with something more secure: access control.

The lock and key have remained one of the most common forms of security for centuries, but the efficiency and degree of safety provided by access control is something that simply can’t be ignored – especially on a governmental, commercial, and industrial scale.

So let’s discuss some of the key (pun not intended) benefits offered by electronic access control systems and how security services use them to protect facilities.

Common Problems That Access Control Systems Help Solve

Some common problems with lock and key include:

  • Lost keys
  • Making duplicate keys to work with existing locks
  • Locking keys inside the premises and locking the door from outside
  • Unauthorized physical copies
  • No access history

Modern access control systems can eliminate these problems, which is primarily how they have become the go-to solution for organizations all over the world. Instead of the physical key for a door, these systems use a digital or electronic credential in the form of a card, badge, employee mobile device, or more.

Sometimes, these physical credentials need a specific security key as well to add another security layer into the control station. Every credential has a serial number associated with it which helps the access control system identify and record the person who requested access.

Loss of Physical Credentials

In case an individual loses their physical credential, the administrator can quickly disable it and assign a new one. Every physical credential either has an RFID or an identification chip that costs considerably less than a key to recreate and reissue. And it generally doesn’t take longer than a minute or two to create a new one!

If, however, a new card cannot be issued right away, the administrator can still unlock the system or a node remotely with their administrative panel. The software (mission control) is where the admin can:

  • Check history
  • Reassign card identities
  • Change passcodes
  • Allow remote access and more.

Maintaining Records

As mentioned previously, access control can maintain a timestamped record of who entered the facility through a given node of the access control system and who didn’t. This record-keeping helps mitigate potential thefts and maintain an accurate attendance record of the day’s activities.

The record can be accessed via the administrative panel, which includes the serial number of every keycard that requested access, the respective date, time, and which node was accessed. If the security system is hacked at any point, and the breach is detected, the system automatically locks everything in place until the right combination is put in.

Access control systems can help commercial and industrial areas enhance security and be a major convenience to businesses for HR and administrative purposes as well. If you would like to explore these benefits, give Americom security services a quick call and see how we can help!