Intrusion detection systems can help you keep hackers out.

3 Reasons Your Business Needs an Intrusion Detection System

An Intrusion Detection System or IDS works either in the form of a device or an application that scrutinizes a given network’s incoming and outgoing traffic. The system identifies the IP address of every node entering or exiting the system and compares it to the list of authorized IPs. If it finds an IP address that isn’t authorized, the intrusion detection system flags it and lets the user or administrator know.

It’s important to note that IDS isn’t just a firewall. Not only can the system be connected to other systems to act against incoming intruders but it also scans the internal network as a whole, checking for any malicious activity even if the activity is being performed by an authorized IP. In this manner, it can identify attacks long before they do any damage and enhancing the overall cybersecurity of your business.

Now that you’re more familiar with what IDS does, here are 3 key reasons why your business needs it.

Reasons Your Business Needs Intrusion Detection System

Identifying Threats That Get Past the Firewall

No firewall out there can promise to be completely impenetrable. There are always newer threats appearing that firewalls may not be equipped to tackle. Whether that’s an unauthorized IP masked as an authorized one or someone with access who is carrying out a malicious attack, an IDS system detects such activity and lets your IT personnel know immediately.

When an attack is taking place, the system continues monitoring all the IPs within your network and helps the security personnel identify specific IPs, thus helping them key in specifically on the issue and take appropriate action.

Better Network Traffic Analysis

Apart from improving the cybersecurity infrastructure, an IDS system also helps businesses analyses the type of traffic they get, what people do at their website, its source, and more. So in addition to helping you improve the integrity of your network, it also gives you detailed insights into what needs to be done to improve your customer’s and user’s experiences.

Network Control Access

When it comes to business security, control access protection and device protection are both very important. Normally, when firewalls protect any system they also tend to stop all outgoing packets of data as well. However, with these control points, there is not any specific need to send data outwards, which means that if the firewall is breached, the control points are practically unprotected.

An IDS system, however, immediately informs security personnel if there is any activity on control access points for preventive measures. Another trend to keep an eye on is IDS being paired with AI, allowing your system to further connect with other systems automatically, with the end result creating a much more secure environment.

IDS can offer a variety of benefits to both big and small companies. If you would like to learn more about how an intrusion detection system can be beneficial for you or how it can be implemented for business security, we recommend getting in touch with Americom today! Our professional team of security experts can walk you through the benefits of IDS, and put together a plan for implementing IDS with your business.

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