Access control system for a company

Physical Access Control  

Physical Access Control  

for the 21st century: 

The problem: 

In the past, building access control consisted mainly of door locks and keys. Keys could either work on one particular door, groups of doors, or “master” keys.  

As most locksmiths will grudgingly admit, a lock is only effective against an unskilled, opportunistic intruder. In other words, they keep honest people, honest. Most locks in general use today present very little challenge to a committed criminal. Today, one can buy a lockpicking kit on Amazon for $20 that, along with a few YouTube videos, will get them past 90% of locked doors. 

Besides being largely ineffective against real threats, physical keys are very difficult to manage. For example, one misplaced or stolen master key can cost a company thousands of dollars and many hours of productivity when an entire building must be re-keyed. 

The solution: 

Electronic Access Control can either augment or potentially eliminate the need for physical keys while at the same time making life much easier for both keyholders and security managers. Users no longer need to carry multiple keys for multiple doors and managers can quickly change or disable a card when lost.  

Electronic Access Control can be deployed in many ways, from simple proximity cards to multi-factor authentication such as cards + keypads, to more advanced biometric controls such as fingerprint scanners, facial recognition, retina scanners, etc. In some cases, access control can even be integrated with the security camera system allowing, for example, a door access to trigger a video recording.  

Access logging and reporting: 

One of the biggest advantages of Electronic Access Control is the ability to, not only control access, but to track, log, and report on that access. With the unfortunate rise in workplace violence and theft, it is more important than ever to know who is in your building at any given moment. This can also be a lifesaver in natural disasters and other events that require evacuation of a building.  

Access logging can also be an important tool for security managers and law enforcement as it provides a chronological trail of access. 

Americom Technology has the experience, tools, and expertise to help companies deploy 21st century access control. We will custom design and install a solution that meets your needs now and well into the future. 

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