Is point-to-point cabling slowing down your data center?

In this day and age, we have lots of data that needs to be able to get from one place to another with speed. We don’t have time to wait for things to slowly upload or download. We’re living in a modern world where we rely on information to move quickly.

However, outdated point-to-point cabling can slow down this process. Many older data centers have this type of cabling. Point-to-point cabling used to be the industry standard and it worked in simpler times. We could just connect a cable from one device to another.

However, as time has gone on, more and more cables have become necessary. This has made point-to-point cabling inefficient. The more cables added, the bulkier and messier the data center becomes. It also hinders the airflow, which makes it harder to keep technical devices cool. Under the point-to-point model, cables end up being crushed by other cables. Plus, if an issue does arise, it’s hard to pinpoint the problem. It takes longer to go through all of the cords and find what you need to repair in order to get your operation back up and running. Overall, point-to-point cabling can hinder your business.

That’s why, if you haven’t yet, it’s important to update to structured cabling. Structured cabling is modern and it’s built to last for years to come. It uses a central point where cables are connected, instead of each cable running from one device to another. The cables are thinner too, which means less bulk in your data center.

Additionally, structured cabling is easier on the cables. It’s also easier for the user. If there’s a problem, you can find the issue quicker and reduce the amount of time your system is down. Of course, this is better for your budget and the environment, because you’ll have fewer HVAC needs when there’s more airflow between cables. Structured cabling can also move information quicker. It’s not slowed down by outdated point-to-point cabling that has to work harder from increased pressure. It can help your employees work quicker and more efficiently.

When you’re ready to update your data center, contact us at Americom. No matter what your industry, we understand how important it is to eliminate downtime. We work hard to get new data centers up and running. We also redesign and upgrade current data centers. We can transform your outdated and inefficient network to a modern and reliable one. Get in touch today!

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