CCTV Camera, part of strong commercial security measures.

Is Your Business Equipped with Up to Date Commercial Security?

No matter the industry you are in, physical and digital security is key to achieving operational efficiency and minimizing losses. Commercial security is key for several reasons and when selecting a security service, you need to keep four basic areas in mind.

Collectively, they are known as the pillars of commercial security, and if you have managed to cover these, you and your commercial area can be considered safe. Anything further means that you are strengthening these four basic pillars of security.

The Four Pillars of Commercial Security

Burglary Protection

The first most important step is to install a security system to prevent burglary. The basic setup would involve an alarm system that would help protect your premises if any intruders break-in. This system should have a way to identify your employees and separate them from intruders.

Your commercial security system should help protect your office as well as the warehouse, and the security system itself should be sufficient as a deterrent on its own. Security services usually connect the alarm to the police dispatch directly, meaning that the moment an alarm goes off, the authorities and law enforcement are alerted.

Video Surveillance

The second pillar involves being able to see the intruder or burglar. CCTV cameras make up this pillar, allowing you to monitor what is going on inside and outside your commercial premises. Just make sure the camera installed isn’t violating anyone’s privacy.

To improve video surveillance, wireless services are being implemented so that the data gets fed directly to the source computer. Furthermore, it is important that the video quality is good enough that it can identify the culprit and it clearly shows the person committing an illegal act.

Fire Prevention/Protection

The next threat that a security system should be able to deal with properly is the threat of fire. Security and safety protocols are there to reduce the risk of fire, but there is always a chance of something going wrong.

Your commercial security system should have a fire monitoring and extinguishing system to safeguard your inventory and your employees.

Access Control

And finally, a pillar that has recently been upgraded with the help of wireless services and biometrics, Access Controls are extremely important to manage who has access to what. From secrets to assets, everything can be protected behind a closed door. Access control protocols and devices track who is requesting access and at what time; which ensures that there is no unauthorized access to critical information or assets.

Implementing these four pillars is easy with the right contractor, but in today’s risk-averse world, it’s not just enough to work on the basic infrastructure anymore. Commercial security today requires these pillars to be improved upon significantly.

Americom’s security services are well known for their expert commercial solutions, ability to integrate the latest technologies for custom solutions, and service quality. If you would like to protect your premises and make the most out of the pillars of commercial security, we welcome you to get in contact with us today and get a free quote!