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It can be “easy” if your project requires straight drilling. But having a contractor to do the directional drilling that is needed when setting up your new building requires an additional level of skill and qualifications. Being able to drill around and across old pipes or rock formations before getting back on track involves experience and knowhow.

Directional drilling has been around for nearly a century to help the oil and gas industries evolve. But now, it’s equally as important in laying fiber optics and other telecom networks.

Here at Americom, we’ve been in the business of directional drilling for nearly four decades. That makes us the perfect choice for any directional drilling utility project throughout the booming Salt Lake Valley business region. We focus on making sure there are minimal environmental issues and limit the operations to small areas so that river flows, roads, highways and other traffic can continue without major interruptions no matter the area, whether residential or commercial.

We have two main drills that we use for our directional drilling processes:

  • The JT100. This drill allows for long and large diameter bores that can go under rivers, and also covers difficult highway crossings. The JT100 also has the ability to power through nearly all soil conditions including solid rock because of its spindle speed and torque.
  • The JT30. This drill is the quietest in its class and still has power to spare thanks to its narrow width for maneuverability. It has a dual point for steep entry angles and is ideal for gas, telecom, water and power installations.

Being able to utilize either drill means that we can provide power when needed or the ability to do any work in an efficient manner that requires less equipment. It also means a smaller job site and less overall disruption to the surrounding environment.

Here at Americom, our work focuses on utility construction and different services for businesses — because if you do not have the correct infrastructure in place, you will have issues with your building. When the veins and arteries of your establishment, be it a hospital or office building, are installed by a team of professionals (like us) everything works seamlessly.

We have the ability to work as a subcontractor with a general contractor, or contract directly with either public or private entities in various industries.

Get in touch with us today and find out how we can make sure your project runs smoothly. Call (801) 892-0500.

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