We proudly contributed to these five local projects

Here at Americom, our work focuses on utility construction and different services for businesses — because if you do not have the correct infrastructure in place, you will have issues with your building. When the veins and arteries of your establishment, be it a hospital or office building, are installed by a team of professionals (like us) everything works seamlessly.

Over the years, we’ve helped dozens of businesses improve their operations and efficiency. Here’s a closer look at five different case studies:

  • When Whitaker Construction needed a subcontractor to do fiber installation in Vineyard, Utah, we came in and did conduit proofing for 15,000 feet for the project and then installed 20,000 feet of 48ct and 2,500 feet of 6ct fiber optic cable for the Central Utah Water Conservancy District.
  • In need of technology infrastructure? We do that too. In fact, we worked with HITT Construction on the Verizon Wireless facility in Salt Lake City and provided all of the technology infrastructure for the facility. Everything from the products, materials and installation for the structured cabling and fiber optic solutions was handled by us during a two-phase project. This collaboration required more than 1,450 cables and a lightning-fast turnaround.
  • Wasatch Electric at the Utah Valley University Performing Arts Center in Orem. We used our expertise to provide the technology infrastructure including the cabling, patch cords, wall jacks, racks and backbone distribution.
  • When Sturgeon Electric needed help working on a project for Rocky Mountain Power, we performed the horizontal directional drilling services for RMP with three 6-inch, four 6-inch and one 6-inch power conduits and also three concrete vaults, each measuring 7×12.
  • Technology is a must for the University of Utah. We assisted the university by putting together its support services center. We did a design-build for data and AV, plus sound masking, time clocks and white noise throughout the building with over 1,400 cables installed throughout.

The Salt Lake Valley’s technology sector has exploded the past few years, earning the title of ‘Silicon Slopes.’

Do you need versatility? We have the ability to work as a subcontractor with a general contractor, or contract directly with either public or private entities in various industries. And with any work we do, we get it done with high safety standards and minimum environmental effect. Get in touch with us today and find out how we can make sure your project runs smoothly. Call (801) 892-0500.

No matter your businesses’ needs, we’re confident we can get the job done!

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