Civil engineer pointing out underground utilties.

Why Locating Underground Utilities Before Construction is Important

Whether replacing underground utility lines or performing repairs on them, it is important to make sure you identify where any existing lines are to ensure service reliability and minimal disruption. However, finding underground utility lines isn’t as simple as it seems.

Utility services are some of the most robust infrastructures we build. Lines can carry very high voltages, immense pressure from gases and liquids, and even transmit light across continents. However, their durability is limited to protection from static risks. All it takes to destroy these lines is introducing a dynamic change – for example, a little unlucky nudge from a shovel.

Utility construction companies must carry on with their operations tactfully and smartly. Here are some of the top reasons why properly locating underground utilities before digging is important.

Preventing Injuries

Construction projects, especially large-scale ones, can be particularly dangerous since you never know which utility line you may hit. Electrical, gas, and water lines are particularly dangerous because of obvious reasons. The danger from water pressure can further be exacerbated if a sewer line gets disrupted.

Through the US, before you start digging, it is a standard operating procedure that you call 811, the “call-before-you-dig” line, and request information about utility lines. The service will call all utility companies in the area to mark the location of their underground lines.

Avoiding Outages & Disruptions

Power outages can be extremely dangerous and cause immense loss to all businesses affected. If there is a hospital affected by the outage or disruption, the consequences can be life-threatening. Unknowingly cutting or damaging a power line doesn’t just put the diggers at risk but can also lead to a power outage for a home, neighborhood, or more.

The same goes for water, telecommunications, gas, and other utility services.

Importance of Finding Underground Utilities Before Construction

By knowing what’s below, you can ensure that your construction project doesn’t suffer any time delays or you don’t end up having to face any liability. Even if you are looking to service an electrical or water line, you must find the existing underground before you dig to know where to install your line.

Utility construction companies usually check the ground for utilities even if there is no indication of an existing line in place. It’s not just about ensuring your and your crew’s safety, but it is also a requirement in many States. It is also a good customer service gesture and will help you positively impact the customer perception around you.

If you are looking for a reliable underground utility construction company or need any utility service performed, Americom is here to help. From making sure the job is done cost-effectively and provides the results you are looking for to ensuring code compliance and improving customer perception, we are here to help you get the job done the right way.

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