Businesswoman using a smart phone app to check in to her hotel room.

How Wireless Services & IoT Have Changed the Hospitality Industry

Everything we do tends to have an end goal in mind: leisure and the ability to relax after a hard period of work. There is always a need to ‘get away from it all’ and decompress. And as a key part of our technology evolution, wireless services have managed to change the hospitality industry for the better.

The sector as a whole is changing, using a blend of wireless services and IoT. The range of services offered by the changing industry revolve around better services within facilities and outdoors, all aimed at easing the lifestyle and improving the customer experience.

Several leading companies and hotels have already incorporated IoT and wireless services in their operations, allowing them to offer an intuitive range of services and benefits. They are known in the industry as smart devices and host many tech advancements, such as automated check-in kiosks, better and quicker room service, and more.

Apart from catering to customers, these wireless services are also well known in the hospitality industry for streamlining operations by reducing redundant steps, increasing the accuracy of the information and offering better recommendations to customers, and saving costs on employee wages and expenses.

Role of Wireless Services in the Hospitality Industry

Some key roles of IoT in the hospitality industry include:

  1. Better serving consumers and enhancing operational efficiency via integrated services. For example, using a single application for check-in, room service, room controls, telephones, network connection, and more.
  2. Improving housekeeping service: By helping hoteliers identify what the problem(s) is with customer experiences, they can direct hospitality staff to address specific issues. This leads to conservation of energy and more efficient execution of concierge, front desk, or room service duties.
  3. Helping improve returns: As hospitality expenses get reduced, the overall return your business will generate also increases. IoT and wireless solutions do this by:
    1. Advanced inventory management
    2. Better food preparation W.R.T presence
    3. Order tracking
    4. Improved customer safety and experience
    5. Better quality control
    6. Quicker complaint resolution
    7. Bed and breakfast service improvement
    8. Easier travel and tourism arrangements, and more.

Benefits of IoT & Wireless Services in the Hospitality Industry

When combined, wireless services and IoT offer a broad range of benefits to the hospitality industry. These include:

  • Business efficiency 
  • Enhanced customer experience and staff morale
  • Better track of processes
  • Improved service and delivery
  • Predictive analytics for better future returns and risk mitigation
  • Better system integration

Some key applications of IoT and wireless services in the hospitality industry include:

  1. Automated check-in
  2. Location-based insights
  3. Improved asset tracking
  4. Voice-controlled services and utilities
    1. Smart room customizations
    2. Better lighting
    3. Better room temperature control
    4. Better water temperature control
    5. Automated window adjustments
    6. Smart TV applications
    7. Digitized food menus
  5. Smart locks and security
  6. Key card/RFID integration 
  7. Personal device integration, and more.

Based on how we are constantly innovating, the present and future scope of wireless services in every industry, along with hospitality, seems very bright. If you are looking to enhance customer experiences as well and aid in automating processes and saving money, give Americom experts a quick call and let’s discuss options today!